Posted by: gmelvin | July 30, 2010

Only A Couple More Days and…

Alright…well, I didn’t get those pics I mentioned earlier up on the blog. I figured it might be easier to do it once I got to my village.

The date is Friday, July 30, 2010. Everything that needed shipping is long gone in my village. I’ll be leaving OKC next Monday for a flight to Houston, then a direct 7-hour flight to Anchorage. I love flying, so this shouldn’t bother me one bit. Hopefully, I can finally get my private pilot’s license while in Alaska. It would be nice.

In Anchorage, I’ll take care of getting my supplies and hopefully make a few, small scenic trips. I’ve been looking at my future students online, and I can’t wait to meet them. Am I nervous about moving? Well, not exactly. However, it is beginning to settle in that I’m actually leaving my family and friends to move to a “country” far remote not just in physical placement, but from common everyday knowledge. Hey, it is still the “Last Frontier.” Whenever I answer somebody’s question of “Where I’ll be at?” they say, “Where?” And you know what, I think it’s still a “Where” in most cases. Odd.

One difference I find in my case, is that no one has ever asked me if I feel I’m ready to teach! I’m a first year. Although I’ve had some experience as  a long-term sub in a rough urban school (“regular” class), special ed feels like walking in a room without light, trusting in only what someone has told you.

I think I like it better that way, for it gives me more opportunity and desire to focus on how the Lord wants me to walk. Sometimes, you need to lose just about (if not) everything before you realize what you have.

Hopefully, I haven’t bored anyone and I’ll give better details on what Alaska is like. Time to go…

Greg Melvin


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