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I just got settled in at my trailer in Brevig Mission, and thought that I might make a post about what we did in Anchorage. “Moving in” has been a big deal, and I only can imagine what the “living it” will be like. The city of Anchorage is quite spread out, yet an outlandish mountain range in the background. It was the first time I spent a night without seeing a black sky, a light in that horizon that never seems to disappear.

Sight Just Before Landing

Glacier After Glacier - Both Beginning And End

Once checked in, “YES” I did ask myself, “What am I doing here?” That was just for the first day only. Don’t fret.

Early next morning, after a quick “Save that Lower 48” stop at McDonald’s for breakfast, we started hunting out our food…at Sam’s Warehouse. Barnabas (roommate) and myself started with one buggy cart, and ended up with two. When we checked out at the register, the cashier needed three. “Go figure” that you math teachers!

Think we have enough?


"Are you sure this can fit?"

The next day wasn’t so hectic; however, it was long. We picked up another teacher who’s based at Brevig, did some final shopping for meat products at Sam’s again, and then finished it off with a dinner at the Sourdough’s restaurant. But before we ate, we checked out the world’s largest chocolate fall in America – hey, everything is big in Alaska…Texas is second rate.

Can't I just...please...take a sip?

The biggest expense to our time was packing. It is literally a day’s work of shopping and shipping. When all is “said and done,” between the two of us, we had EIGHT 18-gallon tubs and several “others” to ship. Remember that pic showing the food going inside the van? When we got to the post office, we virtually dumped everything on the parking lot and started packaging the grocery items in tubs and boxes. Down below, several other new teachers shipped along with us – separate checks, of course!

"Ask not for whom the belly totes, it totes for thee." Hey wait, that's my dinner!

That night, if you call it night, we went to pick up another teacher on a 9:45 flight. We didn’t leave the airport until 1:10 in the morning. After a horrible experience with weight limits and food packaging at the ticket claim much later that morning (my shampoo got confiscated, and I’m checking out), we finally got off toward Nome.

Nothing much happened, other than my roommate’s flight carrier didn’t book him on the village flight he paid for. It’s casual, and the lady didn’t seem to mind the problem at all. He settled on the flight with me to Brevig, after a several hour turnover in the carrier’s upstair’s coffee shop, Landons. I have never seen such a small airport where you can land a Boeing 737 than in Nome.

Take A Little Sip

Then we took off in the Grand Caravan. My dad would not be able to do this; but for me, this is the next best.

I Walk The Line

This flight proved the most thrilling experience of all time for me. Looking strait out the window with tundra at eye-level, getting a strange sense of vertigo at times, wooden floor inside, unique-looking pilot, this is True Alaska!


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