Posted by: gmelvin | July 23, 2013

How I Enjoyed Delta Cargo…

To Whom It May Concern,

To Delta Flight 1867 to Atlanta @ 6:00a.m., date of 07/23/13:


This is a letter of apology for any distressed passenger who either missed connections or frantically outpaced the casual walking traveler to make a connection in Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport. Your flight was held up by a cat.

We had promptly arrived at Tulsa Int’l Airport as the Delta cargo agent on the phone courteously instructed – 4:00a.m. in the morning. Traffic in the city around 3:30a.m. is unbelievably calm, so we did not have to beat the morning rush. This can be a pain for those waking up early. Once at the terminal, we had plenty of seating room. The cargo counter was empty. We sat back and relaxed while watching dragged suitcases pulled by pleasurable company. They are fascinating!! But good times must come to an end. We were the first in line for cargo assistance by 5:20. The cargo agent worked hard to make our cat ready on time for the 6:00 flight.

It was then we realized I needed a reference number, as prompted by the cargo agent. He could not find it. I did not have it. And the Glados voice on the other end of the Delta Cargo phone line (I needed the reference number) kindly stated she would call me back in 20-30min. Now, this allowed for the lady behind me with the vocal parakeets to sign on her pets. I next had the pleasure of thought that I might keep the cat here for the winter. Then, everything changed.

Its strange how memory works, but about fifteen minutes later, I realized the Delta cargo agent (from the phone) sent me an itinerary for a cat’s travel. Find the iPad. Wow!! It had a reference number!

So, all’s well that ends well for the cat. He made it on the plane with three minutes to spare. It’s relieving to here that I did not hold up the plane too long. We know how passengers feel like when being held up by a cat. Especially the domestic variety. I do understand some stress for the Tulsa-Atlanta passengers, but a cat’s priority must come first…whenever the agent* arrives for his duties.

The cat’s name is Pete.



*In a serious tone, the cargo agent that arrived in the counter worked quite well with us. As I’ve learned, this was not the original person slated for the shift. I’m not aware on how or why the original cargo agent did not show up for work. Secondly, I was not previously aware of a needed reference number. Finally, I appreciate the person with the pet birds behind me for wishing us luck in getting the cat out to Atlanta. And no…I have yet to receive the return call from Delta.



  1. That’s why I always ship my cat Meesha via Next Day Air UPS service. She fights getting into into the Next Day Envelope and is a little shaken upon arrival. But hey, with all of those UPS offices around here in Washington State, make it pretty easy to ship her and not make a trip to the Sea Tac Airport at 4 am.

    • My cat was going to Denver, and I had to pick him up at Delta. But due to flight delays, and switching airlines, I actually got into my final destination 24 hours later. Bad day(s)

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