Posted by: gmelvin | July 30, 2013

Back to business…

Last night, I reached the point of adulthood. I stayed up past midnight.

(yes, I’ve done that before)


My internet bandwidth cap goes away between 12:00-6:00a.m., and I had wanted to see how a 45-min. tv show played at the house. While downloads are slow here, they’ve gradually increased in the past few years. We can get Netflix and Amazon Prime on occasion. It finished in an hour!

One of the hobbies I’ve enjoyed up here is cooking. It’s kinda needed, unless you can live totally off canned or frozen food. I prefer getting my meat from musk ox or salmon, but it’s always useful to get some hot dogs, sausage, or chicken from another ‘vendor.’ Last year, I had to make a meat order because I missed the lottery permit for musk ox, and I wasn’t able to find a moose on my hunts. The price for meat was the same for shipping – around $500. Here’s the company that I had placed my order – Mike’s Quality Meats.

I typically get jibed at for my taste buds. Nobody can quite figure out how Thanksgiving is my hardest meal of the year. Casserole dishes, cranberries, most vegetables, sweet potatoes, pies, nuts – I hate them. Rather eat rocks. Filled with minerals. But speaking of health, I cooked up the breakfast of champions – the chocolate chip cookie. See the website for the recipe.

And before anyone else comments on my habits – please check out this article over picky eaters. I saw it on my flight back from Oklahoma, and I felt right at home.

ImageOne of the first items on my to-do list was to call the Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) to see what lands were open for recreational panning. Gold panning. My neighbor wishes to get out more, and he’s curious to see if a ‘profit’ can be made. I told him I would do so, but the first task was to find out what lands are legal to do so. DNR has a map database – Alaska Mapper – that describes which areas are state and native owned. After an hour or so of phone talk with DNR, we located some areas that are state-owned around the village. I took my 4-wheeler out today to find how I might get there w/o riding purely on the tundra, and was mostly successful. My main hope was whether or not Brevig Mission connected to Wales via a trail along the seacoast. If I found this trail, I might be able to hit a creek that led north into the mountains. I was successful in finding the trail along the coast, along with several creeks and a small herd of musk ox. I reached Don River, and drove a bit north along the creek. However, I soon turned back due to time constraints (it was a long ride). I’ll be back later – with pics!

Finally, I’ll close this post with a note on our past times. Thanks to one of our teachers, I’ve learned more about board games than whatever you’ll find at Wal-Mart. He has several, floor-ceiling shelves filled with games of all sorts. You may have heard of some, but I plan to provide links/descriptions to at least one game. Today’s game is Carcassonne – a tile, city-building game that can accommodate 2-5 players. Check it out if you can – the iPad version is quite good too! You’ll find it in a board game primed store, or Amazon.

I’ll be posting pictures soon for those that have made requests.



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